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17" Rackmount Monitors

17" Rackmount Monitor

Choose from our wide selection of 17" Rackmount Monitor drawers. Choose from standard 1280 X 1024 resolution or the new 17" high resolution wide screen (1920 X 1080) as well as (1920 X 1200) 1U KVM drawer. Within the standard 4:3 ratio, 1280 X 1024 drawer options, we include a 1U dual slide (monitor and keyboard slide independent of each other) and 2U dual slide 17" Rackmount LCD. The 2U 17" drawer allows for a KVM Switch to be integrated while only requiring 17.5" of rail to rail rack depth. The 17" server rack mount monitor feature a separately sliding keyboard and Monitor allowing you to leave the LCD in an open view position when the door is closed on your cabinet. If you have a need for a short chassis, the new 17" Short Rackmount Monitor is only 16" deep. Either way please call us at 800-542-2489 we would love to help with your solution.