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Cellular Text Alerts

Cellular Alerts

The Smart Cellular Climate Monitor supports 4 Temperature Sensors,, 2 Humidity Sensors, 2 Door Position (open/close) Sensors, and a City Power Sensor. In addition, this design features a 6-pin connector to connect to the DB-9 plug used on UPS back-up power supplies for computer rooms and other high-reliablilty areas. Each pin on the connector represents the various states of the UPS. One pin summarizes all fault condition into a General Fault condition.
Cellular text alerts provide a means of notifying facility management personnel that a UPS had failed or was about to fail. While the UPS units has optional web interfaces, facility managers prefer a means of notification that is independent of an Internet or telephone connection.
The Smart Cellular Text Alert uses Cellular Phone Network (GSM, GPRS) to monitor environment and UPS status. Alarms are sent as text messages. Data is logged on the 2G channel. Up to five cell phones receive the alerts. A SIM card provides Four sensors and two contact inputs provide constant environment information and alarming. Up to five cell phones can receive the alerts.
Operating conditions and alarms are logged to a Cloud Server. No special software is required. The user opens an Internet browser, enters a password and user name and views reports and graphs.

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