Early warning detection and monitoring from environmental threats can help avoid a catastrophic event and minimize the chance for threats to the uptime in your data center. Simple, affordable monitoring tools for temperature, humidity, water detection, and physical access are all available with the full line of¬†data center monitoring¬†solutions. Basic monitoring is available for under $220! POE appliances are an option on many products The combination of analog inputs and digital ports allow for management of many different threats to the date center. Relay outputs are also available for both monitoring and control. The entire line starts with an appliance about the size of a match box and continues to a 1U appliance that includes analog, digital, and relay ports. For the benefits, the cost is easy to justify as down time can be very expensive. All of these appliances have built in web servers and send alerts via SNMP and email. User definable data make the communication intuitive and efficient. It is also important to assess the risk in the date center and determine where threats might originate. The data center location and its surrounding environment will determine which sensors should be used and where they should be positioned.