One of the earliest lessons children learn from their mothers as soon as they can distinguish clean from dirty is to keep themselves and their belongings (which include their rooms) clean and tidy. You shouldn’t be surprised, then, to find yourself irritated and not able to work at the sight of a cluttered room or office space. The same is true for computers. Fortunately, computers and their various components can be kept organized using an LCD drawer distributed by companies like Crystal Image Technologies, Inc. Many employees who use computers for work complain about the lack of space in their work areas. This problem is prevalent among business organizations that do not want to or simply cannot allocate ample space for computers. The irony is that enough space to work in actually enhances productivity and job satisfaction. Fortunately, the problem can be addressed by LCD monitor drawers. LCD monitor drawers are space saving devices which can solve clutter issues while leaving sufficient room for your employees to work in. The good news is that these devices come in various styles, and you can choose the most suitable option to help you organize your workspace. LCD monitor drawers shield monitors from physical impact and also keep them safe from harmful elements present in the environment. A monitor drawer comes in either 1U or 2U options and in sizes ranging from 17”, 19”, to 20”. These options provide ample protection and space saving benefits for your computer systems. Monitor drawers are also available for racks with less than 20” of depth and can accommodate integrated keyboards. For more integrated space saving solutions, you can choose a monitor with a KVM switch. KVM is short for keyboard, video, and mouse, and is a hardware device used to control a certain number of computers in a network system. KVM switches are available with Cat5 KVM or Combo DB15 KVM. These two options come with many benefits. A 1U 19” wide screen monitor, for example, has 104 key notebook keywords with touchpad or trackball mouse. You can contact authorized dealers for the most suitable monitor with KVM switches that suit your needs. These devices can provide the best solutions that will ensure your workspace remains functional and well-organized.