When it comes to everyday computing, most users have pretty basic requirements. For them, reliability and convenience matter more than advanced or upgraded features. However, in terms of functionality, innovative hardware like an LCD drawer—supplied by reputable firms such as Crystal Image Technologies—can provide a major difference. Necessity is the mother of invention, so the saying goes. The developments in computer hardware engineering best exemplify this. A rackmount LCD monitor drawer, for instance, is the product of innovative thinking to address the need to save space. Those who work in data centers, where various computing tasks and hardware components require constant monitoring, will appreciate the space-saving benefits and other features of a rackmount monitor drawer. A top-of-the-line monitor drawer would typically have adjustable mounting brackets. These features allow users to alter the depth to suit their needs. Monitor drawers with rugged, two-point latch molded handles and other technical details would also be perfectly suited for widescreen rackmountable LCDs. Rackmount LCD monitors range in size from 1.8” all the way to 20”, all of which provide great space-saving qualities. With rackmount LCD monitors, users can view selected real-time information, add touch screen capabilities, and install Composite S-Video and several other options—all within a tight rack space. In addition, lightweight LCD monitors equipped with KVM switches are perfect for a variety of industrial uses. KVM is an acronym for “keyboard, video, and mouse”. Compared to ordinary settings in which every computer would have its own set of hardware devices, KVM switches allow users to operate several computers using a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor set. Apart from their advantage as space savers, KVM switches help save energy since they do away with the need for several monitors to perform multiple tasks. Consumers have the option of purchasing Cat5 KVM, Combo DB15 KVM, and standalone KVM switches as well as a wide range of monitor sizes. Pairing a rackmount monitor with KVM switches facilitates data center monitoring tasks and provides greater flexibility. These and similar products are available from trustworthy providers like Crystal Image Technologies that offer an extensive range of product choices and delivery options.