WireMost information technology dependent businesses today make use of dedicated servers which are single servers used by networks of computers. This speeds up data sharing, and improves traffic control. To make dedicated servers work more efficiently, a high-quality KVM switch is often used. A keyboard video mouse (KVM) switch connects one keyboard, video display, and mouse to multiple computers using a single input and output device. When applying KVM switches to dedicated servers, you no longer need to use individual monitors and keyboards to accommodate each server, especially if you have a large network. You can simply stack the servers horizontally and use one set of input and display devices using the KVM switch to access one server at a time, allowing control of each one. Companies like Crystal Image Technologies offer a variety of KVM switches with port capacities ranging from 8 to 32. Some KVM devices allow you to remotely access up to 256 servers. This makes it easier for managers of server rooms or data centers to control and monitor the activity of different computers. Using KVM switches also enables you to free up a significant amount of space that would, otherwise, be allocated to redundant devices. These KVM Switches can be integrated in a rackmount LCD Drawer, occupying just a single rack unit of the entire array. Furthermore, some KVM devices require no physical connection between the mouse and the keyboard. This gets rid of clutter caused by a variety of cables of different devices. KeywordsMost KVM devices are compatible with a variety of operating systems like Mac, LINUX, or Microsoft. This means you can control different computers with a single device no matter what operating system each computer is running on. This makes group or team projects easier and more efficient because files can easily be transferred and accessed by several people. Another useful feature of KVM switches is their ability to remotely access mobile devices using a desktop PC. For example, if you want to access your laptop using a full-sized keyboard and computer monitor, using a KVM switch enables you to work remotely, eliminating the need to use the laptop’s small keyboard, which some people have difficulty with. Using a KVM switch for your business provides both improved accessibility and space-saving solutions.