rackmountsales RM11417RackMountSales - What is CCFL LCD Panel technology?  CCFL technology (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) has been around in the LCD Industry for quite some time. This LCD Panel technology is still the most commonly used in smaller screens used for laptop computers and rackmount monitor applications. The softer image causes less strain on the eyes which in some cases, where the user is going to be in front of the LCD Screen for long periods of time can be advantageous. Although, one of the trade-offs with this older technology is the fact that CCFL backlight consumes more power and requires higher voltage. The reason for this is because the technology uses a fluorescent tube that is connected to an inverter board which provides power to the backlight. In turn, higher voltage requirements means more heat is generated than with the newer LED rack mount screen technology. The CCFL backlight LCD Panels are also thicker and heavier than the newer LED backlight technology. When it comes to rack mount LCD Panels and drawers, in most applications, the user is not required to spend extended periods of time viewing the information on the screen. The newer LED backlight technology may be another option to consider for rackmount LCD Panel and drawer applications.