RackMountSales – Web Based Temperature Monitoring For Under $200? You bet! The CM-Watchdog15 is not only very affordable it also includes the ability to send emails, generate SNMP traps, and provides reporting for analysis. The small IP based appliance has the ability to download csv files and is available with 110V power or with a POE option. With 1 temperature sensor built in, it also supports a digital splitter to add up 4 additional digital sensor inputs. Heat is the number one threat to computer hardware. A simple early warning notification can avoid costly downtime. RackMountSales.com has web based temperature monitoring for under $200 For additional monitoring requirements, select from a number of optional data center monitoring appliances featuring a combination of analog, digital and relay ports for monitoring your data center from environmental threats. Typical monitoring includes threats from heat, high humidity (condensation), low humidity (static electricity), leak detection, intrusion detection, air flow, city power and output relays for manual or automated control of external devices.