RackMountSales - The CM-Watchdog15 data center monitor has an on-board temperature/humidity sensor. You can add up to four plug-and-play digital sensors using a standard splitter. The CM-WatchDog 15 has a built-in web server, allowing for remote monitoring and alerts. From a secure web interface, users can monitor data center conditions remotely. data center monitor Climate MonitorEnvironment measurements are logged and graphed for trends and additional management. If alarm thresholds are breached, the CM-WatchDog 15 sends alerts via email, SNMP and email-to-SMS. The CM-WatchDog 15 connects with an RJ45 connector to a network. Easy to set up and use, no special software, just a standard web browser is required to access and configure the miniature data center monitor. The Web interface supports up to four IP cameras (not included), giving a quick view of remote conditions. Small, compact, and light, the CM-WatchDog 15 offers a variety of mounting options and can easily be positioned in small spaces. A Power Over Ethernet (PoE) option is available that can be used to simplify wiring or for use in areas where power is not accessible. Please call as at 800-542-2489 for more information. (WatchDog 15-P only).

On-board temperature & humidity sensor

Operating range: -20°C to 85°C

2 digital sensor inputs

Ethernet port /

Power Over Ethernet (WatchDog 15-P)

DC connection jack

Integrated mounting bracket