RackmountSales – Remote Monitoring for your UPS with no Internet or telephone connection.  By using a dry contact interface card, you can connect to a Cellular Text Alert device that provides “Out of Band” monitoring and alarms by using text messages. The Cellular monitor includes a SIM card registered to a Cloud Server. Alarms are sent as text messages. Data is logged on the 2G channel. Up to five cell phones receive the alerts. cellular text alertsThe Cellular monitor sends text messaged to up to 5 cell phone numbers. This remote UPS will monitor up to 4 temperature sensors, 2 humidity sensors, 2 Door Open Position sensors, and 1 City Power status. The cellular monitor will also alarm and monitor a UPS for Battery Voltage Low, Inverter Status, On Battery, and General Fault. Other applications for monitoring include – Pharmacy Fridges, Greenhouse, Wine Storage, and monitoring an environment where a network does not exist. Mount it on the wall, connect the cables and this  UPS is ready to start monitoring with a network.