RackMountSales - PDU’s are available with many features to help manage your data center. From Managed, Metered, Switched to KWH outlet level switching and monitoring. Some PDU’s require an IP address for each individual unit for remote PDU monitoring and control, while others can be daisy chained together to save on the amount if IP addresses required for a deployment. The Infrapower PDU line is designed to only require 1 IP address for up to 16 PDUs. The Infrapower PDU features a 1.8” LCD color display for a sharp, highly visible display for reading Amps, Volts, KW, kWh, and temperature & humidity. The LCD screen can be rotated 180 degrees for easy set-up depending on if the power in the facility is in the floor on overhead. In addition, visible recognition of offering colored chassis makes it simple to recognize A/B circuits within the infrastructure. In fact, there are 4 color options available for easily recognizing multiple circuit management. For more information, check out the full PDU offering.