RackmountSales – Over the next several weeks we will be introducing a series of new innovative rack mount LCD solutions. The RMPD-Series, the first of this series, is a high performance 1U LCD Pivoting display drawer sporting 17”, 17” Wide and 19” LCD Monitors. These monitors have high contrast ratios and wide viewing angles, with resolution at SXGA (1280X1024) for the 17” & 19” and WXGA (1440x900) for the 17” Wide. The unique design of the RMPD (Pivot Display Drawer) is just that, It pivots. The drawer starts out laying flat and put away in it’s 1U drawer. When needed the monitor slides out and the display portion of the monitor rotates up. You can adjust the monitor in almost any position from 0 to 119 Degrees. The Heavy-Duty Torque hinge holds it in place. The display Pivots up to 60 Degrees along the monitors center axis. This gives the user 3 degrees of freedom. Integrated slides along with adjustable mounting brack­ets allow installation in any standard 19” Rack enclo­sure. The drawer is held closed with a keyed cam lock. The Standard Finish is Black Powder Coated Lite Texture, but it can be customized to any color or logo. Call 800-542-2489 with custom requirements!