RackMountSales – Crystal Image Technologies is offering a special price on a limited edition 1U KVM Drawer for a cost of $517.00 with free shipping! The 1U 17” KVM Drawer comes with a 104 Key Notebook Keyboard and touchpad mouse. This offer will only be available until inventory runs out! KVM Drawer The RM-1700 comes with a 1 year warranty and uses the same Samsung LCD Panel as the standard high quality RM Series and DS Series rack mount consoles. The standard resolution is 1280 X 1024 with single person mounting slides. The slides extend out to a locking position to prevent movement while typing.  The RM-1700 will fit in racks with a depth range of 21.7” to 30” deep, (front rail to rear rail). Physical rack dimensions are 17.4” width X 21.7” depth X 1U height. This design is only available until inventory is depleted. Product is currently in stock and can ship same day.