RackMountSales – Customers sometimes overlook the issues associated with mounting a 1U Rackmount Monitor, also known as a KVM Drawer. Drawers are typically designed for mounting to a 4 post 19” EIA rail rack system. Having said that, there are some options available that allow for 2 post relay rack mounting of the drawers.  The new mounting bracket system for the RM and DS monitor drawers have an optional 12” short rear bracket that can be reversed for specifically and securely mounting to a traditionally designed relay rack. rack mount monitor Even a larger 20” LCD drawer can be mounted into a 2 post relay rack set up. The 2U 20” LCD drawer can be mounted to the front of the relay rack while the bulk of the drawer extends out past the relay rack. A flush mount cantilever shelf is then positioned directly below the monitor drawer to support the weight where the rear bracket would normally mount. In addition, some cabinets with 4 EIA rails may not be deep enough to install a traditional rack mount monitor drawer.