RackMountSales – When we first built the site for Crystal Image Technologies 7 years ago, our goal was to make the site as user friendly as possible by setting up various categories as well as creating smart part#s for easy identification. The basic part# system for rack mount monitors, panels, drawers, and KVM Switches was created with that in mind. In addition, we chose to use associated pictures on the home page to help with the standard nomenclature of the site. A 1U monitor keyboard drawer can be described by many different names – KVM Drawer, Keyboard Monitor Drawer, Rack mount drawer, Rack mount LCD drawer, Rack Mount Console, Rackmount Monitor etc. are all common names used for a 1U keyboard / monitor.       We chose “rackmount monitor” as the description for the 1U & 2U LCD Keyboard combination drawers. The part# system was based around using “RM” for Rack Mount, “RMP” for Rack Mount Panel”, and “RMD” for Rack Mount Drawer”. The suffix in each of these products determines the LCD screen size. The home page www.rackmountsales.com, shows a good example of the clickable category images that also correspond with the side bar menu for easy navigation. We are always striving to make the user experience better. Customer feedback is very important to the further development and improvements to the site. Feel free to leave your comments at the following “comments”.