RackMountSales - Crystal Image Technologies offers many options to fit specific applications for rack mount LCD panels, drawers, and KVM console configurations. The simple ordering process allows for selecting video input options, touchscreen options, additional protection, such as NEMA 4/IP65, as well as 12VDC, 24VDC, or 48VDC power. The intuitive drop down menu also allows for selecting keyboard configuration with touchpad or trackball mouse options. In addition, most options will not affect the lead time. Most options still allow for same day shipping. If an certain LCD configuration is not available, the lead times are typically very reasonable. Touchscreen options include resistive and capacitive for most rack mount LCD panels and drawers. Other custom configurations are also available. It is recommended to call with your specific needs as many additional solutions are available that are not shown on the site. Please call 800-542-2489 with your requirements.