RackMountSales - Advantages of LED Backlight LCD Panels. CCFL  backlight technology is still common on small rackmount LCD Panels such as 17”, 19” and 20” size screens. However, the newer high resolution and high brightness rack mount LCD's have shifted to LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology due to several advantages. The LED backlight LCD’s consume less power and are thinner and lighter than the CCFL backlight technology. rackmountsales rmp-161-f17 LED edge-lit technology (compared to other LED technologies, ie RGB and Full Array LED) helps keep the cost down however, it is still more expensive than CCFL technology.  In addition, the LED Backlight LCD panels are used for high brightness LCD's without seeing a drastic increase in heat generated. The LED rack mount LCD screens also have a longer life than CCFL technology. The new 17” wide screen, and 21” high resolution rack mount LCD panels are built with LED backlight technology. So, to summarize, LED backlight LCD Panels are lighter, use less energy, and are typically used for high resolution and high brightness monitor applications when applied to the rack mount monitor industry.