RackMountSales - The RMD-151-X17x3 is a high performance 2U Triple LCD display drawer featuring 3, 17” High Resolution LCD Monitors. The monitors have high contrast  ratios of 450:1  with wide viewing angles and a native resolution of 1920 x 1200. The LCD Panels fold away to fit into a 2U drawer. There are other models available in Dual 19”or Dual 17” Rackmount LCD drawer sizes. The triple LCD Drawer is the ultimate compact mobile Side-by- Side Dual and Triple Monitor rack drawer solution utilizing only  2U. Great for mobile military applications - The system employs a patent pending three part Rack Motion Stabilization  System.    The  rack drawer slide  tension system secures the drawer while in operation, while the hinge system ensures the monitors will not move in transit.  The drawer features Gas Shock Monitor Stabilizers along with a Multi Position Torque Hinge allowing a wide range of monitor positions. Video   inputs   include VGA, DVI-D, aRGB, Composite & S-Video, Component, HDMI & Optional HD-SDI. The triple LCD Display Drawer mounts in a standard 19” EIA rack cabinet with a rail depth of 20” to 36” depth utilizing only 2U of space. Rugged, all aluminum construction for light weight applications and designed to for Broadcast, Industrial, Commercial, Military and Medical environments. The Standard Finish is Black Powder Coated Light Texture.