RackmountSales – A great compliment to LCD Panels that are mounted in an EIA 19” rack are the 1U keyboard drawers that come in a variety of keyboard layouts including SUN Solaris and MAC keyboards with function keys. The standard line includes a 104 Key Notebook Keyboard with flexible mounting depth options. These drawers come with either touch pad or trackball mouse options which can be interchanged and replaced in the field. The trackball comes standard with a 3 button mouse and the touchpad version includes a 2 button mouse. 104 Key Rackmount Keyboard Drawer Once the keyboard drawer is selected, a drop down option menu allows for selecting the preferred features. But first, the rail depth on the rack needs to be determined as there are various mounting depth options available. The RMD-183 will mount to rack depths of 20” to 33” while the short depth version, RMD-184 will mount to racks with a rail depth between 14” to 24.5”. In addition to the 104 Key Notebook Keyboard, there is also an Compact keyboard layout that has the mouse option located on the right hand side of the drawer. And last, the keyboard can also be integrated with any of the KVM switch options in either the DB-SUB15 Style or Cat5 Style KVM Switch.  All keyboard drawers are in stock and can ship same day.