A computer by any other name is still a computer; but compared to regular desktop or laptop computers, rackmount rugged computers are an altogether different breed. For instance, their protective outer shells keep these tough computers safe in even the harshest environments. Rugged computers remain intact even after being dropped from a height or struck with great force. They are, likewise, resilient against water and sand or dust particles. Some rugged computers resemble slender metal boxes that open up to reveal a monitor and a keyboard. These computers fit within a rackmount console. In turn, several consoles can be installed on a single rack, which is a set of shelves with specific measurements. Rackmount rugged computers can be transported within transport cases, which make them highly convenient for industrial and military purposes. Protective casings for rugged computers are often made of strong and lightweight aluminum, making them highly durable and resistant to both water and fire. Aluminum is a smooth and tough metal that does not rust, making it the ideal casing material. For added protection, consumers can choose between thick but lightweight shock mount casings, as well as custom casings that can accommodate parts with unique measurements. For purposes of convenience, a rackmount LCD monitor should have antireflective properties that maintain optimal visibility even in harsh conditions. Rugged computers can also be fitted with high-definition touchscreen monitors with integrated speakers. A rackmount LCD from reputable suppliers like Crystal Image Technologies, Inc., for example, would also have lockable connectors with changeable signal input capacity. These days, rackmount LCD monitors also come with KVM switches. KVM is short for keyboard, video, and mouse. This technology enables support for multiple server connections and allows users to control several computers using a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Industrial rackmount KVM switches can be as big as rackmount consoles, and are designed to fit perfectly within aluminum casings. Although rugged computers are designed to withstand harsh conditions, they still need adequate protection. To this end, a monitor drawer paired with a rackmount keyboard drawer would be perfect for rugged computers that need to be transported frequently. Such a drawer ensures that all essential components stay safely in place during transit.