ComputerYou typically buy a KVM (keyboard, video, and monitor) system to save space and money. Thus, it only makes sense that all the accessories that come with the system do the same. One of these is the sturdy rackmount keyboard drawer from the likes of Crystal Image Technologies.

What is a Rackmount Keyboard Drawer?

The drawer is placed directly underneath the rackmount monitor and contains a sliding tray to hold your keyboard. When the keyboard is in use, the drawer’s ball-bearing slides provide stability to the tray. There’s also space on the tray for pens, paper, and other supplies. When the keyboard isn’t in use, the retainers and built-in handle help secure the keyboard in place. As an efficient rackmount console, the keyboard drawer comes in 1U and 2U rack cases that should meet Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) specifications. The “1U” and “2U” refer to the drawer size, with 1U being the smaller of the two. They’re usually priced according to their commercial or government applications.

How to Buy a Rackmount Keyboard Drawer

When you buy a rackmount drawer, your practical requirements are your primary concern. Consider the size of components like the rackmount keyboard and rackmount monitor. It helps if your drawer has cable carriers to prevent wires from interfering with the tray’s back and forth movement. Consider the maximum space you can allot for your KVM unit (i.e. the monitor, keyboard, servers, etc.). ComputerThe drawer should be easy to set up, operate, and dismantle when necessary. Make sure the drawer can address any safety concerns you may have. For example, computer units tend to heat up due to prolonged use, so it’s a good idea to check the drawer’s RoHS specifications carefully. Other features like locks, stable mounts, and extra barriers can help increase your drawer’s security. Once you know what you want in your rackmount drawer, look for a trustworthy rackmount or KVM unit vendor. Start your search from both online and offline recommendations, especially reviews from people well-versed in gadgets. This way, you’ll have assurance that the drawer you’re looking for is of the best quality. The last thing you want is to have your drawer, along with your keyboard and everything else, fall on your lap while you’re using the unit.