rackmount keyboard drawerIf not properly organized and managed, computers can occupy a lot of space in any workplace. As a matter of fact, the clutter can become burdensome, and become detrimental to productivity. Your working environment always affects your attitude and efficiency. Thus, a disordered workstation can compromise the quality of workflow processes. Fortunately, suppliers like Crystal-Image Technologies, Inc. offer various solutions for your computer needs. You can order a flexible rackmount keyboard drawer for LCD monitors, which is available for racks 1U and 2U in height, and in 17”, 19”, and 20” sizes. These rackmount keyboard drawers can house a 19” Rackmount chassis quite well. In fact, short depth LCD monitor drawers are good for racks with less than 20” of depth, and come integrated with Rackmount monitors equipped with KVM switches for greater space saving applications. Functional rackmount keyboard drawers allow the user to position a monitor separately from the Rackmount LCD. This is more ergonomically sound; and allows the user to work on the keyboard while viewing the display with ease. This, in turn, facilitates productivity in the workplace. Furthermore, these keyboard drawers feature single person mounting slides for fast installation. The slide rails have preset locking positions to prevent keyboard movement while typing. They also have molded front handles with two point quick release latches, including the PS/2 USB combo cable. Rackmount keyboard drawers can also come with layout options in either notebook or compact keyboard layouts. rackmount touchscreenA Rackmount keyboard drawer, however, is not your only solution for easy computer use. You can enjoy additional benefits from Rackmount touchscreen LCD monitor panels and drawers. They are available in high resolution wide screen panels with resistive touchscreen or capacitive touchscreen features. The difference lies mainly in how you apply the sensitive touch of your fingertips. Resistive touchscreens require more pressure to actuate than their capacitive counterparts. With so many different choices available in the market, you can choose components or consoles that will make computer use more convenient. From keyboard drawers to touch screen LCD monitors, these new office computing innovations make computer use more exciting, ergonomically-sound, and productive. Just choose a reputable supplier for all your hardware device needs.