lcd drawerSpace management is of premiere importance in many office spaces these days. Based on research published in the January 2011 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience, physical clutter can negatively affect a person's ability to focus on and process information. Results state that the multiple stimuli present in the visual field compete with each other, thus restricting one's ability to focus on just one. Distracted and distraught employees are generally less productive. The resultant low productivity levels often result in poor overall business performance, leading to negative repercussions for the worker and his work. Luckily, solving the problem of clutter is simple, and does not require committing substantial amounts of money. Using a rackmount LCD drawer is just one of the several ways you can organize your workspace. LCD drawers are designed to provide great space saving solutions by housing monitors sized 17 up to 22 inches. They usually come with a flip-up design so that users can easily pop up the monitors when they’re needed. Ease of storage is one of the attractive features of functional LCD drawers, as they generally occupy less space being much smaller than conventional video displays. For those who want their money’s worth, purchasing from reputable suppliers such as Crystal-Image Technologies, Inc. is always the best option. Reputable suppliers ensure that their products are manufactured from top quality components, meaning that every accessory and hardware device from their inventory lasts longer than the bargain basement type options available on the market. These durable components can survive some mishandling, and will still be functional even if an employee accidentally drops a device. kvm switchLCD drawers can be purchased online from suppliers like Crystal-Image Technologies, Inc.; and delivered directly to your office. Doing so gives you more time to set up the required space for the drawers, which in turn, will free up more space in your workplace. The best thing about online shopping is that, sometimes, you get to receive your order on the same day you made the transaction. Cluttered workplaces point to cluttered minds. Working in a disorganized environment can dampen anyone's enthusiasm, causing them to be less productive. For more space-saving techniques, consider using an IP over KVM switch that allows users to operate two or more keyboards, monitors, and peripheral devices using one or more computers.