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When a company begins to expand, it could come to a point in which ordinary desktop computers no longer suffice for the business’ needs, and become too costly to keep. During these times, investing on a rackmount system would be the most logical and viable decision. Here is why. Basically, a rackmount is a set of vertical rails with series of evenly spaced holes from top to bottom. Rackmounts are effective in reducing the space required to run multiple computers. With a keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switch and integrated rackmount LCD drawer or a combination of an efficient rackmount keyboard drawer and rackmount monitor, you can operate and control those computers using only one monitor, keyboard, and mouse, eliminating the need to have a separate set for each CPU.

Benefits of a Rackmount System

One obvious benefit of a rackmount system is space reduction. With servers and computers all stacked nicely in a rackmount, you can free up the physical space your computers previously occupied. This creates room for more worthwhile activities. Using a rackmount system also saves you money. Eliminating the need for multiple computer peripherals means that you don’t have to worry about buying replacements over time. With fewer units running, you also cut your business’ energy consumption, translating to significant savings in your energy bill.

Considerations for a Rackmount System

To run your multiple computers on a rack, there are usually two options: to use a KVM switch or an integrated rackmount LCD drawer. A KVM switch is a device that connects multiple servers and computers to a single, standard-sized monitor, keyboard, and mouse. On the other hand, a rackmount LCD drawer integrates all these peripherals into a rackmount for an enhanced space-saving benefit. The entire console lies flat in the rack when not in use, but opens up like a laptop computer when pulled out. You can opt to separate the rackmount monitor from the keyboard drawer. In this setup, the rackmount monitor is positioned at the top of the rack. Then the keyboard drawer is placed in the middle for better operation. Finding the right rackmount solutions for your company is relatively easy. Fortunately, there are companies like Crystal Image Technologies Inc. that provide quality rackmount keyboard drawers, KVM switches, and rackmount monitors.