A Rack Mount monitor is used to display a video image from any video source. The entire assembly usually consists of a LCD display that is fitted onto a Rack Mount enclosure. This monitor is usually used along with a server or industrial computer. The monitor comes along with equipment or server racks that are designed to EIA 19” standards. Following are the factors that you should consider before selecting Rack Mount monitors.

The type of rack

The type of rack where the monitor will be installed will depend on the position where the rack is being installed. The most commonly used rack is a 4 post rack or a fully enclosed server rack. This is used in almost all places where servers and related equipment are installed. But, if you want to install your monitor in a place like a telecom closet where space is a consideration, then you should go for a 2 post rack.

The type of mounting rails

While buying Rack Mount monitor, you should ensure that it fits well into the server rack. This will in turn depend on the type of mounting rails that are present in the server rack. Modern racks which come with rails that have square holes can be used to fit almost all types of monitors. Other types of rack come with rails that have round holes, or tapped rails and you may have to use special equipment for mounting the monitor on it.

The need for independent sliding drawers

If you think closed doors will become a concern for you while monitoring, then you should go for a combination of a keyboard and a dual sliding monitor drawer. Such drawers will allow storing the keyboard while allowing the monitors to remain up. These dual sliding units combine the handiness of the keyboard drawer with the visibility of a rackmounted LCD panel, all in one unit.

Check for KVM support

While buying a Rack Mount monitor, upi may want to consider whether it has an integrated KVM switch option. This goes a long way in saving space. There are numerous styles of Rack Mount monitors which are available with KVM integrated switches. The latest technology also allows you to have KVM over IP remote BIOS level access over a web browser.

The benefits of a touch screen

One of the specialties of a touch screen monitor is having a touch sensitive screen. This feature allows the user to interact with the computer program in an easy manner. It sometimes even eliminates the need for a keyboard. So, do make sure that the Rack Mount LCD that you select is equipped with a touch screen feature.