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Computers are indispensable tools in the work of people in all parts of the world. Professionals involved in fields as diverse as medicine, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and design use computers to perform some of their tasks more efficiently. As a matter of fact, modern man would feel lost without these ubiquitous electronic devices in the workplace. The demand for computers and other technological devices has led manufacturers to develop and distribute various models. These computers and accessories come in various shapes and sizes, all with distinct features which serve various purposes. As such, computers often need to be augmented with hardware devices for safe mounting and storage, and space saving solutions. Suppliers such as Crystal-Image Technologies, Inc. offer various rackmount console solutions like monitor drawers, industrial LCD panels, aluminum cases, and other products. Rackmount monitors come with or without KVM (keyboard, video monitor, and mouse) switches, which can be either 8 port KVM or 16 port KVM switches. These KVM switches are very convenient for users, as they occupy less space, thereby minimizing clutter. LCD panels with monitor drawers are also available with touch screen, high brightness, and quad split screen capabilities. Indeed, Rackmount LCD industrial panels are among the most popular computer applications available in the market today. This is because LCD (liquid crystal display) screens have built-in advantages such as the capacity to produce brighter images than the conventional CRTs (cathode ray tube) screens. LCD screens also produce lower electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields than CRTs. In fact, LCDs are more energy-efficient and consume less than a third of the power CRTs require. LCDs also produce little heat; and are thinner and more compact, which is great for offices and server rooms which have limited space. An LCD screen is also completely flat, providing sharper images without geometric distortions. Rackmount LCD monitors come in 7U 17”, 8U 19”, and 9U 20” panels. On their part, wide screen monitors are available in 6U 17”, 7U 19”, and 8U 22” sizes, including the new 17” LCD panel designed for ultra-high resolution. Whatever your console or LCD panel needs may be, rackmount consoles can provide the solutions you require.