Caller: I am looking for the Country of Origin for the RM-F117A. It’s a 1U 17” Rackmount Monitor with 1920 X 1080 resolution. Can you help with that? Our project requires the RM-F117A-SD be TAA compliant. I also would like to know where these are shipping from and if they are in stock.

Response: Yes, the RM-F17USD is manufactured in Hong Kong. So, it is TAA compliant. The distribution center is in California. Where are you located?

Caller: We are in Virginia, so I am guessing about 4 days ground for shipping. Great, I am looking for a quote for 50 right now. But I need to make sure this is the best option. Is this the best solution for a short depth application?

Response: Is the monitor going in a rack or a transit case?

Caller: It will be mounted in an integrated solution that will be in a 6U Transit Case.

Response: Can you tell me what the front rail to rear rail mounting depth is?

Caller: We have 16” of depth to work with and I need 2” to 3” for cabling.

Response: Do you know the depth of the end caps on the transit case? They are usually 2” to 3” in addition to the rail depth.

Caller: I believe they are at least 2” end caps.

Response: OK, great. The RM-F17USD is 16” deep so you are correct, this is the best solution for your application. Or you can consider the RM-F117A-SD, it includes 3 USB Accessory HUBS, and the rear mounting rails are adjustable. In addition, the 1U chassis physically latches in place for mobile applications. There are 2 latches that hold the chassis securely in place. Also, the slides are designed with an automatic lock out feature. When you pull the keyboard out to its extended position, the slides will lock in place for easy typing. When you are ready to put the keyboard back in its home position, it un latches on its own, making it easy to slide back into the transit case. This rackmount monitor has the unique ability to also support 1920 X 1200 resolution. Standard video input is VGA and DVI-D. If you need additional input options they are also available.

Caller: Excellent. Now that you mention it, we also need DC power for this environment. Can you provide a quote with 24 Volt DC Power?

Response: Yes, that is an option. The DC Power option we offer is a terminal connection with 9 Volt DC to 36 Volt DC Power range. Adding DC Power will not increase the chassis depth so this is still the best solution for your application.

Caller: I am interested in your 1U 17 inch rackmount monitor with VGA and DVI input. We need to make sure the LCD Console Drawer is TAA compliant.

Response: What is the part# you are referring to?

Caller: We are looking at the RM-F17USD. It needs to be a shorter unit so it will fit in a transit case.

Response: The RM-F17USD ships from Hong Kong, so it is TAA compliant.

Caller: OK, our customer is a dept of defense entity so TAA is a key requirement to using your product. We are the defense contractor for an upcoming large project. I work for a defense contractor and we need our solutions to be TAA compliant

Response: No problem. The RM-F17USD meets your requirements. What is the mounting dept you require?

Caller: The transit case we are using is 17” from rail to rail. We also need HDMI Input. Does that add to the overall depth of the drawer?

Response: The depth wont change as long as the input combination is VGA & HDMI input. We replace DVI with HDMI so it won’t take up additional space in the chassis.

Caller: Perfect, please send me a quote for the RM-F17USD-HDMI. I will forward the quote to procurement and get back with you shortly.