Caller: I am interested in putting some rackmount keyboards on order. Can you tell me if they are in stock?

Response: sure, what part# are you looking for?

Caller: The RMD-184 will fit in our rack. We don’t have a lot of depth so this one should fit.

Response: okay. Sometimes there's a lead time if they are not in stock. How many RMD-184’s are you looking for?

Caller: We have a need for between 80 and 100. I am assuming you don’t have that many in stock.

Response: Actually we sell quite a few, its possible they are in stock. If we don’t have the full quantity, it could be a 2-3 week lead time.

Caller: OK, even a partial shipment will help get us going.

Response: Great. Do you need a formal quote for procurement?

Caller: Yes, that would be great, thanks for your help.

Response: Your welcome. We can also accept Purchase Orders with Net 30 terms if that’s easier for you.

Caller: Excellent. Just so I am clear, I remember several years ago ordering keyboards that had a compact keyboard with raised type keys. It this version still available?

Response: Unfortunately, we discontinued that version and now only offer the full 104 Key Keyboard with either touch pad or track ball mouse. Also, I would like to point out some design features. Both the keyboard module and mouse module are designed in a modular fashion. In four or five years if the mouse pad stops working, it can easily be replaced in the field. There are a series of eight small screws that need to be removed. Then the module can be replaced. Its about a five minute job.

Caller: that is good to know. We have a tech team here that can easily service the keyboards. So as long as these are in stock, I should have an order coming soon. I need to run this through our procurement team and then you should be getting a call. Probably within the next week or two.

NEXT Caller: We are looking to replenish our stock on the RM-111-17 product. Most of the time you ship within1-2 days when we order but I just want to make sure you have stock.

Response: Yes, the RM-111-17 is a common high volume item for us. We have them in stock. How many of the 1U 17” rackmount monitors are you looking for?

Caller: We will be ordering another 20 now, and then have a second order for 30 more next month.

Response: No problem, we have over 200 in stock right now. We just completed our replenishment this last week so your timing is good.

Caller: OK, I will speak with our procurement folks and forward a Purchase Order with Net 30 term. Can we user our shipping account? We have a UPS and Federal Express account. Do you have a preference on which one to use?

Response: We can ship with Fedex or UPS, but UPS picks up later in the day so it is preferred.

Caller: I don't know if you need a hard copy of the Purchase Order or if you can take one over the phone.

Response: I can take the details now, or if it helps save some time, I can enter the PO information when it arrives. I am happy to reserve the RM-111-17 rackmount monitor for you. So the standard VGA input is all you need? We have quite a few configuration options to pick from – including DVI, HDMI, etc video inputs as well as DC Power input.

Caller: The standard VGA with DVI option would be great. Our new servers have DVI input which is our preference moving forward.

Response: Great, we will ship with a 6’ DVI USB cable with your order.