Caller: I have a quote that I received last week and I have some questions about the product on the quote.

Response: OK, can I get the product number you are referring to?

Caller: Yes, the product on the quote is MBH-19IP68-25. The description says it is a Marine Grade LCD Panel with full IP65 protection. It includes IP68 cables as well.

Response: Sure, I remember working on this solution based on the needs of the end user. This Marine Bridge LCD Panel will be located on the deck of a ship and will be exposed to the elements of the sea and needed to have additional protection. We were able to quote a custom solution that includes a mounting bracket so the LCD Panel can be mounted to a vertical pole on the ship. The bracket has VESA mounting holes and will support up to 200 pounds.

Caller: OK, thanks, that helps shed some light on the application. Can you go through the specification for me?

Response: Yes, I would be glad to. The Rugged LCD Panel includes the following description - 19" High Brightness, Marine Grade LCD (1000 nits) IP65 Marine LCD Panel, 1280 X 1024, With IP68 Inputs for DVI, HDMI, and AC power, with 25' IP68 DVI & AC Power Cord, with IP68 HDMI cable & HDMI repeater. The server is twenty-five feet from the LCD, so we needed to include some 25 foot long cables with IP68 connections. We also quoted a VESA Mounting bracket as stated above. This is a custom build, so the ship date is around 4-6 weeks. I can confirm the exact ship date once the order is placed.

Caller: That sounds perfect. I would like to place the order now. Do you accept credit cards? Or, can I send a purchase order to you with Net 30 terms?

Response: Yes, we can do either. Whichever is easier for you. I just need to know how your accounts payable contact person is.

Caller: Sure, I can include that with the PO I will be sending via email. We also need a rackmount KVM for another application. Can you help with that?

Response: Absolutely. Do you have a resolution in mind? What video inputs to you require? And what is the depth of the rack the KVM Drawer will be mounted in?

Caller: The rack depth is real tight. We only have 18” of clearance. It needs to mount in a wall mount rack. Can you recommend a solution?

Response: Yes, but first, please clarify if you are looking for an all in one, keyboard and monitor?

Caller: Exactly. What do you recommend?

Response: We have a short depth drawer that will work perfect for your application. The part number is RM-F117A-SD. This is a 1U 17” Rackmount Monitor, with VGA and DVI-D input. It also includes a 3.5mm Audio jack and three USB Accessory HUBS. The chassis depth for this KVM Console is only 16” so there is still room in the back of the unit for cables. Cables included are VGA, DVI, USB, and an Audio cable. All have six foot length. This unit is in stock and can ship today. It will ship from our Colorado distribution center. To get to the east coast, it should take 3-4 business days by UPS Ground.

Caller: Ok, that is exactly what we need. Can I get it sooner?

Response: Yes, we can ship however you would like. Do you have a UPS account or would you like us to prepay and add the freight?

Caller – Please ship UPS second day air, and add the freight to the invoice. Thanks again for your help.