Caller: I am looking for a two console KVM switch and a monitor drawer for a client of mine. They need 16 ports and they need access for two users. I have a part number, it looks like KVM-16R. This one has a local console and also comes with a remote receiver correct?

Response: Yes, that is correct. We have these in stock. Where are you located?

Caller: We are in Incline Village. If you have not heard of it, its basically Lake Tahoe. How long will it take to ship?

Response: We can ship in 1-2 days after we receive your order. It will take two days to ship to Incline Village.

Caller: That will work. We also need a monitor for this job. What do you suggest?

Response: Are you looking for a 1U rackmount monitor or a rackmount LCD Panel that will allow for constant viewing?

Caller: A traditional type monitor that will flush mount into a server rack. We have 7U of space available in the rack.

Response: There are a number of options available. You can get a 7U 19” Wide screen LCD Panel, a 7U 1080p rackmount LCD, or even bump up the resolution to a 4K High Resolution LCD Panel.

Caller: I think a 1920 X 1080 LCD Panel would work well. What are the video inputs you have available?

Response: The part number I recommend is the RMP-161-F17, it includes VGA and DVI-D input. You can also add some additional options like HDMI, SDI input. But keep in mind, the KVM Switch cables are VGA/USB type.

Caller: VGA is really all we need for the servers we just purchased.

Response: What are you using for a keyboard in the rack? Caller: I found a metal rollout shelf online. We were going to get a narrow keyboard and place in on the shelf. Do you have something different you recommend?

Response: Yes, we have an all in 1, 1U 104 Key Notebook Keyboard available with either touch pad or track ball mouse. The design is modular so if, say, five years down the road, a key when bad, we can provide a new keyboard insert for a reasonable price for easy field replacement. In addition, if you ever switched to a MAC environment, we could also provide a MAC keyboard layout to be installed in the existing 1U drawer.

Caller: Awesome. What is the part number you are referring to?

Response: What it the depth of the rack? Actually, what is the front rail to rear rail mounting depth?

Caller: We are using a traditional server rack. I think the overall depth is 36”.

Response: No problem. The mounting depth for the keyboard drawer should work fine.

Caller: The only issue I can think of is we are limited with the amount of vertical space we have available. We are mounting a UPS, some communication switches, along with 16 2U servers. I will need to see how many U’s of space are still available.

Response: We can also integrate the 16 Port 2 user KVM switch into the 1U keyboard drawer to save a little room in the rack as well as help cut down on cabling.

Caller: That sounds like a viable option.

Response: The part number I am referring to is RMD-191-16R. This configuration is not on the website but I can send you a quote. If we tried to put every combination of monitors, keyboards and KVM switches on the site, we would have 1000’s of part numbers. We can pretty much combine any of the options together to create an clean integrated solution.

Caller: OK, to confirm, we will need the 6U 17” Rackmount LCD Panel, with VGA input and with 1920 X 1080 resolution. You said the part# is RMP-161-F17, along with a keyboard drawer that has a built in 16 port KVM switch. And you said the cables are included correct?

Response: Yes, everything is included.

Caller: Great, I have had issues in the past ordering KVM switches from other manufacturers where the cables and accessories have to be ordered separately. It’s a real pain to wait for the delivery when your onsite, then not have all the components to complete the installation.

Response: I understand. That’s why we try to keep things as simple as possible to help make your job easier.