rackmount console
monitor drawer
Managing corporate data is a highly-confusing job that requires meticulous organization and ample storage. Thus, it is a good thing the dirty work is handled by servers. Unlike an actual computer, a dedicated server is hardware made purely for processing, and designed to support a network and its collective data. It’s a must-have for any group that needs a little more oomph for their computers. Having a server is often not enough, as you’ll need to make it easy for your employees to use, and secure enough to prevent tampering. Practically bulky computers in their own right, servers will need peripherals to allow users to manage them, lest they be nothing more than glorified CPUs. Should your company decide to use a server, then you’ll need the appropriate rackmount console to control it. To put it simply, rackmount consoles put a familiar face on your servers: that of a regular PC. It’s basically a monitor paired with a keyboard and mouse, all fitted into a drawer mounted on a server’s rack. Rackmounts are used to access the servers directly, without having to interface with a linked computer. A rackmount monitor drawer does more than allow direct and easy access to a server; it’s also an ergonomic solution to maximizing PC use. You no longer have to set aside a single computer unit for the sole purpose of tapping into a server, when you can turn the server’s assembly into the access point itself. Rackmounts also allow uninterrupted emergency entry into a server in the event that none of the other computers work. An important consideration in getting a rackmount for your server is to ensure that it’s compatible with the machine’s operating system and the rack. Racks come in different sizes and configurations; so you’ll want your rackmount drawer at a level comfortable for reach. You can get rackmounts and their various fittings from manufacturers like Crystal Image Technologies. As networks can be hard to keep stable, you have servers to back them up. In turn, servers need rackmounts to back them up so that you don’t end up with a big piece of machinery that’s only useful when every other computer is running. Remember that a good server is one that is outfitted with a proper rackmount console.