When it comes to rackmount keyboard drawers, there are several things to take into consideration before making a decision on which model is the best fit. There are now 2 post relay rack mounting brackets available as well as the traditional 4 post 1U rack mounting with several depths. A traditional server will typically require a mounting depth of around 29.5" depth which is a perfect depth for the full size 1U drawer. However, for shorter racks typically used in AV and Broadcast environments, the rack depth can be considerably less. In this case, a keyboard drawer with a shorter chassis depth is the right solution. By combining a high resolution rack mount LCD along with a short depth keyboard, you can have an efficient ergonomic to and cost effective solution, all in 1 rack. Be installing the keyboard and sit down height (around 30") or at stand up height, (between 36' to 40") the panel can be positioned above the keyboard at a perfect viewing angle. In addition to depth and positioning, certain hardware applications can require specific keyboard layouts. SUN hardware typically will require a keyboard that has SUN hotkey functions built into the drawer. In addition, MAC systems also have a specific keyboard layout. So, it is important to review all rackmount keyboard drawer options when building our a rack configuration.