Traditionally, dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. The reasons for this are varied, but it is mainly because dogs are useful for some chores, endearing enough to comfort you, and always available when you need them. In a sense, computers with a KVM monitor are modern man’s best friend. But why is that so? Computers may not be living things like dogs, but they are very useful, indeed, for most business and personal purposes today, giving mankind comfort and convenience at his fingertips, and are generally available when needed (except, of course, when they malfunction). Moreover, the need for computers has become imperative for many people in many parts of the globe. However, like dogs which need tender loving care, computers require similar attention to keep them useful. If you provide your dogs with the best products in order to stay healthy, there is no reason why you should not do the same for your computer. One of these products is the KVM over IP switch, which provides secure BIOS-level access, plus control of servers and other network devices. KVM over IP switches can be used to enhance or replace in-band solutions for a more efficient way to manage IT infrastructures. KVM over IP also includes virtual media, providing command line access to serial ports and support for Smart Card/CAC readers. It comes in different configurations to suit any IT environment, from large data centers to stand alone server racks, as well as laboratories and branch offices. KVM over IP switches can be integrated with power strips to upgrade remote reboot capabilities and measure power consumption. But what exactly is a KVM switch? KVM is an acronym for keyboard, video, and mouse switch. It is a hardware device which allows a single keyboard, video monitor, and mouse to control more than one computer at any given time. KVM switches have gained popularity among computer users who wish to upgrade their home PC systems, but still want to use their old computers without buying new keyboards, monitors, and mouses. A KVM switch comes in 8, 16, or 32 port sizes and can be integrated into LCD drawers while occupying only a limited space. You can order any of these products from specialty outlets such as Crystal Image Technologies, Inc. and provide your computer with the same care as you do your dog, since both deserve your undivided attention.