1. RMP-161-19 Net Weight

    Light weight rackmount LCD Panels for aviation applications
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  2. PS/2 KVM Switches / RM-111-19WH

    Do you homework before purchasing low end PS/2 type KVM Switches
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  3. Phone conversation for 4K Rackmount

    4K Rackmount Monitor custom built with a 10 foot Display Port Cable
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  4. IP65 Rugged Industrial LCD Panels

    Industrial LCD Panels include the option for front bezel IP65 protection as well as full IP65 protection with IP68 video connectors
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  5. Customer requiring a custom thickness LCD Panel

    A custom Industrial LCD Panel with open frame was designed to be integrated into a mobile transit case. The depth required was thinner than the standard open frame panel. We were able to modify the chassis to meet the required dimensions.
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  6. Custom Vertical Rackmount Monitor

    Custom rackmount monitors in small quantities are one of Crystal Image Technologies specialties
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  7. Deeper Mounting Rackmount Monitor

    Below is a conversation for a 1920 X 1080 1U rackmount monitor drawer requirement
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  8. Rackmount LCD Panel

    Caller - I am looking for a 1U LCD Drawer with 1920 X 1080 or 1920 X 1200 resolution. Do you have a monitor that will decode the HDMI Audio?

    Response – Yes, you can add HDMI w/speakers as an option in the drop down menu on the following products – RM-F117, RM-F17USD, and RM-111-X17

    Caller – Do you need HDCP with HDMI? No, our transmitter that supports audio that do RDP sessions into up to 64 computers, we have these devices, the RDP sessions have 2 channels of audio embedded into the RDP session, and our HDMI or Display Port receivers break that out to Analog so it can have a 3.5 unbalanced audio jack or the audio is carried on the HDMI signal, so its not really going to be an HDCP situation.

    Response – We can add the HDMI w/speaker option as well as add the 3.5mm Audio to the 1U chassis.

    Caller – What is the part# I would need to order with the above options? We will need the keyboard with either HDMI or

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  9. Rackmount Monitor with KVM Switch

    Phone call from a customer looking for an integrated solution for both a server rack and 1U KVM drawer for 2 separate locations.
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  10. Incoming Phone Call logs

    Starting in late December 2018 we will be documenting phone calls with questions and answers from our customers. The conversations will be listed as "caller" and "response" to properly view the phone call interaction between sales support and the customer phone call.
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