Marine LCD displays are necessary anytime you’re navigating the waters of the world. The main reason they are so crucial aboard any naval ship is that they have the ability to withstand any type of environmental or weather condition. Marine LCD displays are built with more durable and industry-specific materials.

When buying a Marine LCD display you should look for specific features that will help you in crucial times aboard the ship or boat. Think about what information you will need to know in time of crisis. System reliability and durability are determining factors between a successful mission and an unsuccessful one due to technical difficulties. You should always expect the unexpected in regards to the safety and proficiency of the crew.

Since you’re on the water you want to make sure all of your devices and equipment are waterproofed. It’s inevitable that water or at least salt will intrude your electronics and devices. The best idea to go about this is to buy waterproofed or anodized Marine LCD displays and equipment to ensure protection. That’s why we offer IP65, IP67 and IP68 protection options.

Try to avoid direct sunlight through your screens. Industrial-grade LCD displays usually come standard with controls that allow you to adjust the brightness levels, higher or lower. With Marine LCD displays, they go a step further and increase these controls to allow for better screen readability and brightness adjustability when in direct sunlight. The brighter the sun is shining, the brighter your screen needs to be in order to combat blinding and allow for maximum readability. At night, our Marine LCD displays have the ability to lower the backlighting on the display to the lowest point possible in order to create a sharper and more readable screen.

One of the most important things to think about when choosing a Marine LCD display is for dependable power sources and connections. Without power, these displays don’t matter. Multiple crew members will be using the power connections at any given time for different purposes. Take proper precautions to safely fasten all of your power sources, power cords, and connections in order to implement strong shock and vibration absorption. This will help avoid loosening of the displays or other equipment under harsh conditions.

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