WiresRackmount monitor drawers can be used as cabinet of servers in which computers are stacked one atop the other. This method is extremely useful when a large number of servers need to occupy a limited space. While it is necessary to monitoring them, this could be a logistic nightmare due to the constrained space. Rackmount LCD monitors were developed to overcome the space limitations in server rooms, while providing solutions for multiple server racks. A rackmount LCD is a rugged, space-saving display device that can manage data in various environments. Housed in a sturdy metal frame, a rackmount LCD is designed with evenly spaced holes that align with the holes of a rack’s steel frame so that it can be attached securely. Typically, rackmount LCD models come in a flip up design and are easily integrated into a single LCD drawer. Screen sizes for rackmount LCDs range from 17” to 22”. Models may be classified according to the type of video input: High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), Video Graphics Array (VGA), Digital Visual Interface (DVI), S-video, and so on. These display screens are also classified according to features such as readability in a bright light environment, or rack depth. Rackmount LCDs are typically plug-and-play devices; requiring no additional device drivers or software for their operation. They can also have multi-platform compatibility with systems by Dell, HP, IBM, etc. Like regular LCDs, they can support resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200 and come in 12V DC, 24V DC and 48V DC power options. Using ComputerRackmount LCDs are ideal for industrial, commercial, and military applications. If you combine a rackmount LCD monitor with a KVM switch, you can even use a single LCD monitor to manage several servers within the same rack. This allows you to save on cost and space because you won’t need to purchase an individual monitor for each of your servers. In a rackmount LCD unit, the LCD monitor and keyboard are all housed inside a server cabinet. This makes for a tidy, compact, and secure area for housing the system that monitors the servers you use. You can find out about rackmount LCDs from companies like Crystal Image Technologies.