Business alarms are more important than ever before, considering how cases of internal business theft have drastically increased in the past few years. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, businesses lose an estimated $20 to $40 billion a year to employee theft. Installing security cameras is the ideal way to minimize, if not prevent, criminal behavior within a business establishment. Generally, setting up security cameras entails more than simply placing a camera in a strategic location. It requires the application of specific tools, which business owners need to be familiar with to successfully operate and monitor all parts of the premises. The industrial LCD monitor, IP KVM switch, and KVM drawer are just some of the tools needed to accomplish this task. Listed below are their purposes.

Industrial LCDs

Industrial LCD monitors are a rugged display often used for industrial purposes to present a video image from various video sources. Unlike conventional monitors, industrial LCDs can be used in demanding environments where large amounts of dust and other foreign matter can potentially affect the electronics of a normal LCD monitor. In addition, industrial LCDs possess more salient features including brighter, clearer, and sharper images.

IP KVM Switches

KVM is an abbreviation for keyboard, video, and mouse. It is a hardware device used to control multiple computers with only one keyboard, video, and mouse. There are two types of KVM switches: analog and KVM over IP. Analog KVM switches enable users to access and control servers near them. IP KVM, on the other hand, is designed for remote access to computers and servers using LAN/WAN, the World Wide Web, or certain modems. KVM switches are often used in data centers and small to midsize offices.

KVM Drawers

KVM drawers are used to hold units and keep them from external damage. These are widely available in shops selling rugged displays. Like other components, choose only a KVM drawer from reputable manufacturers to assure quality. Business protection should always be top priority. Retailers of industrial LCD monitors and IP KVM switches can help ensure that your premises are safe from any criminal acts. Find companies like Crystal Image Technologies to receive quality products at very affordable prices.