Running a business that relies on a huge network of computers is a millstone around the neck, particularly for entrepreneurs who are not tech-savvy. Some are not aware of certain technologies that can streamline their day-today processes and reduce operation costs. The Cat5 KVM switch is one such available technology that helps users streamline their IT-based workflows, and is certainly a must-have in the workplace. The Cat5 KVM switch is a hardware device designed to enable users to control multiple computer units with a Cat5 cable. The Cat5, also known as the Ethernet cable, is an unshielded wire containing four pairs of 24-gauge twisted copper wires, ending in an RJ-45 jack. The outer sheath of Cat5 cables come in a variety of colors, but blue is the most common. It is currently used as an industry standard for indoor network and telephone wiring. However, there are specialty Cat5 cables designed for outdoor applications. There are other categories of Ethernet cables like the Cat5e and Cat6. Generally, the Cat6 is fully certified for Gigabit Ethernet (550 mHz) and is more powerful than the Cat5, and can be conveniently ordered direct from the website. Moreover, each component of the Gigabit must be mutually compatible for enhanced functionality. The Cat5 cable, is available in many sizes and colors at Most suppliers like Crystal Image Technologies Inc. offer Cat5 KVMs in 16 or 32 port sizes, which can be connected to as much as 200+ servers. Moreover, the multi-platform design of Cat5 KVM switches allows users to mix PS2, USB, and DVI dongles (MAC Pro) systems up to 40m away. Additional Cat5 KVM switches are also available like Cat5 KVM over IP, which allows remote access to computers and servers across LAN/WAN, the Internet, or an ISDN/56K modem. The major benefit of using Cat5 KVM switches is efficient data center monitoring. This allows businesses to monitor their critical operations and respond to any issues in a timely manner. One can also use other data center monitoring systems to keep things afloat. Business environments today are highly competitive and need to utilize the latest technologies to stay ahead of the game. It's a business owner's job to come up with solutions or be aware of industry changes to keep his or her business thriving. Discover the various uses of the Cat5 cable and witness its benefits.