Rackmount LCD monitors are space saving and compact. They provide users with superior picture quality in various resolutions and mounting depths. From 1280 X 1024 to 1920 X 1200, we have many options to meet requirements for specific applications. Various depths are available for mobile transit cases to full depth racks which feature a rack drawer that allows the monitor to be lifted up from a rack.

Rackmount monitors have features like adjustable brackets, built-in LCD and full on-screen display features. With an integrated KVM Switch, these provide an effective way to control many PCs at once. A directly mountable monitor fits into a standard rack cabinet. There are a few styles including:

  • Industrial integrated LCD panels
  • Console integrated monitors

Rackmount monitors are generally equipped with KVMs also known as keyboard, video, and mouse controls. This allows the controlling of a computer from a single 1U keyboard, monitor, and mouse. A great space savings solution. With the integrated KVM Swtich there’s even an option for the KVM to be controlled through remote BIOS level IP.

Points To Consider:

Each rack server has its own mounting rails with specific mounting depth, so your server rack is dependent on the type of mounting the server requires.

Adjustable Slide rails are designed to accommodate various depth ranges to easily match up with your rack depth.

Slide drawers provide a convenience so that the monitor can be pulled out and lifted up to allow the keyboard to be appropriately positioned for use. When deployed this feature allows the rackmount panel LCD to be visible along with the keyboard in the unit.

If you’re looking to install or replace existing rackmount monitors, Crystal Image Technologies is the place. We have a great selection, along with the knowledge and experience that you need to get the right products. The best part is this all comes at a reasonable price. Contact us today and let us get you hooked up with the right rackmount monitor.