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  1. Custom Vertical Rackmount Monitor

    Custom rackmount monitors in small quantities are one of Crystal Image Technologies specialties
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  2. Deeper Mounting Rackmount Monitor

    Below is a conversation for a 1920 X 1080 1U rackmount monitor drawer requirement
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  3. Rackmount LCD Panel

    Caller - I am looking for a 1U LCD Drawer with 1920 X 1080 or 1920 X 1200 resolution. Do you have a monitor that will decode the HDMI Audio?

    Response – Yes, you can add HDMI w/speakers as an option in the drop down menu on the following products – RM-F117, RM-F17USD, and RM-111-X17

    Caller – Do you need HDCP with HDMI? No, our transmitter that supports audio that do RDP sessions into up to 64 computers, we have these devices, the RDP sessions have 2 channels of audio embedded into the RDP session, and our HDMI or Display Port receivers break that out to Analog so it can have a 3.5 unbalanced audio jack or the audio is carried on the HDMI signal, so its not really going to be an HDCP situation.

    Response – We can add the HDMI w/speaker option as well as add the 3.5mm Audio to the 1U chassis.

    Caller – What is the part# I would need to order with the above options? We will need the keyboard with either HDMI or

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