The digital era is expanding at an alarming rate. In order to be in phase with this rate of expansion, industries are required to be equipped with advanced and powerful digital systems that are highly flexible and adaptive in the environment they are used. The rackmount monitor is one of the most common and also widely used devices in different industries. Here, we will discuss some of the industrial platforms where the rack mount monitors are of utmost importance. The airline industry is the best place where we can find the vast usage of rackmount monitors. After hearing the name of the airline industry, the first picture that comes to our mind is a group of people sitting in a room and monitoring data and information that are displayed in a group of monitors which are mounted to a wall. Yes, those monitors are the rackmount monitors. But, that’s not the only place where they are used, they are also used in different control towers, watchtowers, radar rooms, ships, etc. These monitors a

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