Monthly Archives: April 2013

  1. Check Your Rack Rail Depth When Ordering Rack Mount LCD Drawers

    The new designed rack mount LCD drawers offer a wider range of mounting depths
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  2. Tools to monitor data centers and other environments

    Early warning detection and monitoring from environmental threats can help avoid a catastrophic event and minimize the chance for threats to the uptime in your data center. Simple, affordable monitoring tools for temperature, humidity, water detection, and physical access are all available with the full line of data center monitoring solutions. Basic monitoring is available for under $220! POE appliances are an option on many products The combination of analog inputs and digital ports allow for management of many different threats to the date center. Relay outputs are also available for both monitoring and control.

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  3. 1U Keyboard Drawers - Which is the right fit and function?

    When it comes to rackmount keyboard drawers, there are several things to take into consideration before making a decision on which model is the best fit. There are now 2 post relay rack mounting brackets available as well as the traditional 4 post 1U rack mounting with several depths. A traditional server will typically require a mounting depth of around 29.5" depth which is a perfect depth for the full size 1U drawer. However, for shorter racks typically used in AV and Broadcast environments, the rack depth can be considerably less. In this case, a keyboard drawer with a shorter chassis depth is the right solution. By combining a high resolution rack mount LCD along with a short depth keyboard, you can have an efficient ergonomic to and cost effective solution, all in 1 rack. Be installing the keyboard and sit down height

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