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  1. The KVM Switch Explained: Different Types for Different Situations

    rackmount touchscreenA keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switch is a hardware device designed to allow users to control multiple computers using a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. While most individual computer users may not need these functions, it’s a different story in the business sector. Today, you will never see a company that has only one computer. Usually, the bigger the company is, the more computers it needs. As the number of computers in a business grows, the increasingly imminent problem is how to effectively operate all of them. A quality KVM switch provides a solution for this concern; with different types of these devices for specific situations.

    KVM over CAT5 Switch

    An analog KVM switch operates using a direct cable connection. This type of KVM utilizes a closed loop network of CAT5 cables to allow users to control computers from up to 1,000 feet away. The KVM over CAT5 switch is a secure system that protects y
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  2. On the Rackmount System, the KVM Switch, and the Rackmount Keyboard Drawer

    rackmount keyboard drawer
    lcd drawer
    When a company begins to expand, it could come to a point in which ordinary desktop computers no longer suffice for the business’ needs, and become too costly to keep. During these times, investing on a rackmount system would be the most logical and viable decision. Here is why. Basically, a rackmount is a set of vertical rails with series of evenly spaced holes from top to bottom. Rackmounts are effective in reducing the space required to run multiple computers. With a keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switch and integrated rackmount LCD drawer or a combination of an efficient rackmount keyboard drawer and rackmount monitor, you can operate and control those computers using only one monitor, keyboard, and mouse, eliminating the need to have a separate set for each CPU.

    Benefits of a Rackmount System

    One obvious benefit of a rackmount system is space reduction. With servers and computers all stacked nicely i
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  3. Absolute Control with an Installed Rackmount Console

    rackmount console
    monitor drawer
    Managing corporate data is a highly-confusing job that requires meticulous organization and ample storage. Thus, it is a good thing the dirty work is handled by servers. Unlike an actual computer, a dedicated server is hardware made purely for processing, and designed to support a network and its collective data. It’s a must-have for any group that needs a little more oomph for their computers. Having a server is often not enough, as you’ll need to make it easy for your employees to use, and secure enough to prevent tampering. Practically bulky computers in their own right, servers will need peripherals to allow users to manage them, lest they be nothing more than glorified CPUs. Should your company decide to use a server, then you’ll need the appropriate rackmount console to control it. To put it simply, rackmount consoles put a familiar face on your servers: that of a regular PC. It’s basically a monitor paired with a keyboard and mou
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  4. Making Life in a Server Room Easier with a Rackmount LCD

    rackmount LCD
    monitor with kvm
    Rackmount KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) has slowly emerged as a preferred unit arrangement and interface for data-driven business owners and organizations that rely on digital information stored in local servers. As businesses grow, the need for efficient server storage and data access becomes more urgent than before. This brings to mind the rackmount LCD solution from companies like Crystal Image Technologies. The 19-inch racks, also called rack mounts, are ideal for ascertaining that the modules in a server space are arranged uniformly, and that accessories can be stored in enclosures situated among the panels. The first thing administrators may want to find out is if a part that’s to be integrated into a server room is compatible with the current infrastructure. Fortunately, a rackmount monitor with KVM works with most m
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  5. Use an LCD Drawer to Reduce Clutter and Organize the Workplace

    lcd drawerSpace management is of premiere importance in many office spaces these days. Based on research published in the January 2011 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience, physical clutter can negatively affect a person's ability to focus on and process information. Results state that the multiple stimuli present in the visual field compete with each other, thus restricting one's ability to focus on just one. Distracted and distraught employees are generally less productive. The resultant low productivity levels often result in poor overall business performance, leading to negative repercussions for the worker and his work. Luckily, solving the problem of clutter is simple, and does not require committing substantial amounts of money. Using a rackmount LCD drawer is just one of the several ways you can organize your workspace. LCD drawers are designed to provide great space saving solutions by housing monitors
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  6. KVM Device with Monitor Drawer: Increasing Business Efficiency

    monitor with kvmMultitasking is a mandatory requirement in today's cutthroat business environment. Most companies have to accomplish several tasks in one go; allowing limited time to strategize on new projects, brainstorm, and meet deadlines. Hence, many companies rely on KVM (keyboard, video, monitor) devices to handle high volumes of workload in an efficient and expeditious manner. KVM devices enable users to control many computers from one or more keyboards, monitors, and mice. They are commonly found in data centers, offices, businesses, and other establishments. KVMs are designed to increase the speed and efficiency of business processes, enabling users to perform a variety of functions from a centralized location, such as a large server room. Those who prefer using portable devices such as laptops and tablets for their KVM functions may want to consider searching for a high-quality monitor drawer. Monitor drawers
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  7. What to Expect from a Functional Rackmount Keyboard Drawer

    rackmount keyboard drawerIf not properly organized and managed, computers can occupy a lot of space in any workplace. As a matter of fact, the clutter can become burdensome, and become detrimental to productivity. Your working environment always affects your attitude and efficiency. Thus, a disordered workstation can compromise the quality of workflow processes. Fortunately, suppliers like Crystal-Image Technologies, Inc. offer various solutions for your computer needs. You can order a flexible rackmount keyboard drawer for LCD monitors, which is available for racks 1U and 2U in height, and in 17”, 19”, and 20” sizes. These rackmount keyboard drawers can house a 19” Rackmount chassis quite well. In fact, short depth LCD monitor drawers are good for racks with less than 20” of depth, and come integrated with Rackmount monitors equipped with KVM switches for greater space saving applications. Functional rackmount keyboard drawers allow the
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  8. How to Get the Most out of Various Rackmount Console Solutions

    rackmount lcd
    rackmount console
    Computers are indispensable tools in the work of people in all parts of the world. Professionals involved in fields as diverse as medicine, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and design use computers to perform some of their tasks more efficiently. As a matter of fact, modern man would feel lost without these ubiquitous electronic devices in the workplace. The demand for computers and other technological devices has led manufacturers to develop and distribute various models. These computers and accessories come in various shapes and sizes, all with distinct features which serve various purposes. As such, computers often need to be augmented with hardware devices for safe mounting and storage, and space saving solutions. Suppliers such as Crystal-Image Technologies, Inc. offer various rackmount console solutions like monitor drawers, industrial LCD panels, aluminum cases, and other products. Rackmount monitors come with or without
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