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  1. The Benefits of the Rackmount Console and LCD Touchscreen Panel

    ComputersBusinesses everywhere strive to stay on the cutting edge of Information Technology to maintain a competitive edge in their industry. Devices that foster efficiency in the workplace are in constant development and always in demand. Rackmount consoles and touchscreen LCD panels are some of the examples of these instruments from companies like Crystal Image Technologies Inc. These rackmount systems are available online to those businesses and individuals in need of an IT system fix. A typical rackmount console consists of a keyboard, monitor, and a pointing device like a mouse. The consoles available in the market also have multiple keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) switches that enable a person to control multiple computers from one station. These consoles allow IT administrators to view multiple documents and applications simultaneously, accessing them from different servers. Many people opt for such consoles because they are efficient, user-friendly,
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  2. On the Rackmount Keyboard Drawer and Other Rackmount Devices

    keyboardCompanies like Crystal Image Technologies Inc. have revolutionized the configuration of office computer systems and accessories. People look for convenience and cost efficiency when buying keyboard, video, and monitor (KVM) systems. Clients search the market for devices like a durable rackmount keyboard drawer and LCD monitor to suit their needs. Read on to know more about these.

    Rackmount Instruments in a Nutshell

    For those who are not familiar with office systems, the terms rackmount or rackmount instruments refer to equipment designed to be placed or mounted on a rack. These devices are widely used in the IT industry. Companies use these rackmount systems as shelves to house computer server equipment that need to be in proximity to each other during operation. Rackmount instruments also help organize cable wires and ultimately save space in the workplace. Rackmount keyboard drawers are
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  3. Using a KVM Switch to Access Multiple Computers

    SwitchesCompanies often use multiple computers simultaneously. For users of these computers, switching between different keyboards and mice can be inconvenient and disruptive. Keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) switches provide a veritable a solution to this problem. A typical KVM switch allows you to use a single set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse across multiple computers. Some KVM switches also allow audio connections to be switched. Some even have cables connecting to the KVM and multiple connections at the computer’s end to minimize the wires running around your desk or office. Below is a brief explanation of how these devices work, what they’re used for, and what they generally cost.

    How KVM Switches Work

    These KVM switches allow users to access multiple computers with only a single set of input and output devices. By sharing these devices, desktop clutter and serpentine cables are kept at bay. While the
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  4. Get to Know the Capabilities of a Rackmount LCD Drawer

    WiresRackmount monitor drawers can be used as cabinet of servers in which computers are stacked one atop the other. This method is extremely useful when a large number of servers need to occupy a limited space. While it is necessary to monitoring them, this could be a logistic nightmare due to the constrained space. Rackmount LCD monitors were developed to overcome the space limitations in server rooms, while providing solutions for multiple server racks. A rackmount LCD is a rugged, space-saving display device that can manage data in various environments. Housed in a sturdy metal frame, a rackmount LCD is designed with evenly spaced holes that align with the holes of a rack’s steel frame so that it can be attached securely. Typically, rackmount LCD models come in a flip up design and are easily integrated into a single LCD drawer. Screen sizes for rackmount LCDs range from 17” to 22”. Models may be class
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