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  1. The Monitor Drawer: Space Saving Devices for Workspaces

    One of the earliest lessons children learn from their mothers as soon as they can distinguish clean from dirty is to keep themselves and their belongings (which include their rooms) clean and tidy. You shouldn’t be surprised, then, to find yourself irritated and not able to work at the sight of a cluttered room or office space. The same is true for computers. Fortunately, computers and their various components can be kept organized using an LCD drawer distributed by companies like Crystal Image Technologies, Inc. Many employees who use computers for work complain about the lack of space in their work areas. This problem is prevalent among business organizations that do not want to or simply cannot allocate ample space for computers. The irony is that enough space to work in actually enhances productivity and job satisfaction. Fortunately, the problem can be addressed by LCD monitor drawers. LCD monitor d

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  2. KVM Over IP and Other Products that Enhance Computer Functions

    Traditionally, dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. The reasons for this are varied, but it is mainly because dogs are useful for some chores, endearing enough to comfort you, and always available when you need them. In a sense, computers with a KVM monitor are modern man’s best friend. But why is that so? Computers may not be living things like dogs, but they are very useful, indeed, for most business and personal purposes today, giving mankind comfort and convenience at his fingertips, and are generally available when needed (except, of course, when they malfunction). Moreover, the need for computers has become imperative for many people in many parts of the globe. However, like dogs which need tender loving care, computers require similar attention to keep them useful. If you provide your dogs with the best products in order to stay healthy, there is no reason why you should not do the sam

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  3. Essentials for Business Security: Industrial LCDs, IP KVM Switches, and KVM Drawers

    Business alarms are more important than ever before, considering how cases of internal business theft have drastically increased in the past few years. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, businesses lose an estimated $20 to $40 billion a year to employee theft. Installing security cameras is the ideal way to minimize, if not prevent, criminal behavior within a business establishment. Generally, setting up security cameras entails more than simply placing a camera in a strategic location. It requires the application of specific tools, which business owners need to be familiar with to successfully operate and monitor all parts of the premises. The industrial LCD monitor, IP KVM switch, and KVM drawer are just some of the tools needed to accomplish this task. Listed below are their purposes.

    Industrial LCDs

    Industrial LCD monitors are a rugged display often used for industrial purposes
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  4. Discovering the Benefits of Using the Cat5 KVM Switch

    Running a business that relies on a huge network of computers is a millstone around the neck, particularly for entrepreneurs who are not tech-savvy. Some are not aware of certain technologies that can streamline their day-today processes and reduce operation costs. The Cat5 KVM switch is one such available technology that helps users streamline their IT-based workflows, and is certainly a must-have in the workplace. The Cat5 KVM switch is a hardware device designed to enable users to control multiple computer units with a Cat5 cable. The Cat5, also known as the Ethernet cable, is an unshielded wire containing four pairs of 24-gauge twisted copper wires, ending in an RJ-45 jack. The outer sheath of Cat5 cables come in a variety of colors, but blue is the most common. It is currently used as an industry standard for indoor network and telephone wiring. However, there are specialty Cat5 cables designed for outdoor applications.

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