Caller: We received the six custom monitors for our project last week. The review and quality control process is complete. To provide a refresh, we required a thin open frame LCD Panel to mount in the end cap of a mobile container. The transit case we are using integrates the LCD directly into the end caps/covers. We originally specified Display Port Input, however, the servers we ordered did not have great specifications included with the purchase and we have now determined HDMI will be a better fit for the video input on this project. So, is it possible to add HDMI to the LCD Panels? We can make the modifications in our lab if we can get the HDMI boards to make the change. And, we’re on a tight timeline so I am hoping you can provide the HDMI input boards to fit within our project ship date.

Response: Yes, we can provide HDMI boards for your application. I will check with the factory on the lead time and will drop ship the HDMI Boards directly to you.

Caller: Yeah, so unfortunately, there’s some bad documentation as far as the computer we’re using to display. Each server has been displayed on two monitors, and right now, it seems like the only way I can get it to work and behave correctly is if I have one monitor on an HDMI input and the other one on a display port input. I know there are adaptors out there that will take the HDMI to the display port, but I’d like to avoid that because it’s an additional failure point.

Response: The factory typically recommends modifications take place at the distribution center, but in this case, it sounds like you are quite capable of working with PCB boards etc.

Caller: Yeah, that would be the ideal option. Especially from what I’ve seen, it will probably be a drop in replacement, and that’s something we can definitely take care of here. I’m not trying to send them back and have the converted just for warranty issues and things like that, but just with the timeframe we’re dealing with, I don’t see that being an option right now.

Response: Right. Let me check with the factory tonight to confirm the lead time. I’m assuming we have the HDMI boards readily available, and if so, then we’ll see if we can get those shot out to you right away. You’ll get an update from me either today or tomorrow.

Caller: Hi, I am calling from Omaha Nebraska. You had been working with us on a monitor solution for our panel system, and we are the shop that’s going to build these units for this project. I needed some clarification on regarding the LCD-AP8 Industrial LCD Panel. In his notes, he says “provide option with HDMI 1.3 with NEMA4/IP65 protection.

Response: The 8 inch Industrial LCD panel typically does not include HDMI input, so the one that we’ve quoted is actually not shown on the website. We have proposed a custom input for your application. Were you trying to find the 8 inch LCD online? I just want to make sure this is not a rackmount LCD panel solution and the frame mount is the best option. The standard panel only includes VGA and NBC with S-Video input. Did you need specifications? As I said this is a custom build, so the website will show the physical dimensions but does not reflect the HDMI input option.

Caller: I need the price and availability on it because I’m probably going to place an order for two of them.

Response: I had sent a quote last week but will gladly resend the quote to you. I also sent the user manual for reference.

Caller: He just sent me the specification sheet along with the user manual in PDF format.

Response: Okay, so typically, is he just helping source the LCD Panels? Or does he specify the solution and then you make the purchase?, or will be be buying it directly from us?

Caller: No, there’s an engineering company that’s designing this project… it was bid to us to supply the LCD panels for them, so we needed all the product that goes in the panels to send them a finished product. Their original cameras for the monitors that he expected to use were not going to fit in the panel on the enclosure. He then did some research to find something that fit his needs. He came back with a better solution using your product so now I’m going to be the one that’s purchasing them.

Response: Ok, that sounds great

Caller: Does the LCD-AP8 include everything to mount it through the door on an enclosure?

Response: Yes, there are actually mounting points on the rear side of the LCD frame which is shown in the user manual. The manual also shows specific mounting hole patterns. I will forward the email I sent last week.

Caller: So the mounting kit will maintain the NEMA4/IP65 rating on the enclosure and let it mount through the door?

Response: That is correct. It has the NEMA4/IP65 front panel protection on it, and it will include the standard VGA, BNC & S-Video input along with HDMI.

Caller: And then there’s a power supply that plugs into it? Is that include as well?

Response: Yes, absolutely.

Caller: And as far as paying, with a credit card work?

Response: Yes, we can accept credit card or offer Net 30 terms, Whicheve is easier for you.