Caller: I bought a combo 19” Rackmount Monitor with a built in KVM Switch solution back in 2010 which is still working great. The problem is we now need a DVI input for our new servers so we are looking to upgrade and we need a 16 port KVM Switch and I'd like to change it and wanted to know if it is possible to upgrade the existing system or if we need to replace it with an updated model.

Response: Looking at your old order, you have 8 PS/2 USB ports right now but you would like 16 ports and you also need DVI Input correct?

Calller: Yes we have added more servers but also, the new servers have DVI Input. Right now we only 2 people access the KVM Switch and I'd like to increase the amount of users to four so they get more flexibility and more than two at a time but I am wondering what your offerings are as we have the maximum ability to have two remote users and prefer two IP remotes consoles. Looking at your website, I believe you have an option for up to two remote consoles for a total of four?

Respone: Yes, but are you wanting to try to upgrade your existing KVM switch or replace it with a new one?

Caller: Even though the ten year old KVM switch is working fine, to meet our new requirements, we need to upgrade, as in replace the old KVM.

Response: OK. Looking at what you have right now are both local consoles, There is no remote KVM capability. So from your description, it sounds like you need a new KVM switch with 2 IP consoles, or do you have a single IP version in mind?

Caller: Yeah I am looking for an IP version and one local console for a total of 2 consoles.

Response: Okay, let me send you a specification sheet on the options so you can decide if one or two IP consoles along with remote Cat5/Cat6 consoles, with a total of up to four consoles is the best fit for your environment.

Caller: Yes, please provide a quote for four user consoles so we have more flexibility.

Response: Ok, sounds great. What is your email address? I'll send you a quote with the specific products and details on options for the four console solutions.

Caller: OK great very good. Response: Thanks for calling okay thank

Caller: I was looking at one of your rackmount LCD panel monitors and have some questions.

Response: OK, great. Do you have a part# I can reference?

Caller: Sure I have some questions regarding part number RMP -161 -F17.

Response: okay, I can help you with that. What is your question?

Caller: So I'm looking at the weight and it says nine point seven or nine point nine pounds and eight pounds net weight.

Response: Yes, that correct, without adding any option like touchscreen. Other options wont effect the weight like adding HDMI video input. If you look at the product page, the drop down menu allows you to select options.

Caller: Sure, I am looking at the options, and looking at the base unit, the HDMI option includes speakers in the description. Do speaker add additional weight? We don't really need a speaker but it says speakers are included as an option.

Response: The HDMI with speaker option is there to let you know speakers are already built in to the monitors and HDMI input will transmit audio through the existing speakers. So it just means there's already speakers built into the panel and HDMI obviously carries the signal so it just shows a description of that. It's not adding speakers.

Caller: Right, so it would just be adding a port it wouldn't be adding weight essentially.

Response: yeah and the HDMI board only adds a few ounces

Caller: right. so on the touch screen, if I enabled that touch screen it wouldn't be any additional Hardware either?

Response: Yes the speakers come integrated into the panel. I'm not sure if the touch screen adds much weight. Maybe a half pound. if it's critical that you need to know exactly what that weght it, is I can check and the factory and let you know

Caller: yeah that would be great. do you have another monitor that you would recommend that is still light weight for our design?

Response: Well, if you need high resolution, I would say resistive touchscreen with 1920 x 1080 resolution certainly is a main seller for us and the lightest solution we have available. It's a high-volume monitor for us. We also have 4k rackmount monitors available so I guess it really depends on your application and what you're doing but the RMP-161-F17 is a good solution if you just need 1920 x 1080.

Caller: You know we're more worried about weight.

Response: okay if resolution is not that big of a deal, the RMP-161-F17 is a good fit. Both the 4K Rackmount LCD Panels and the 1080p LCD console weight is the same.

Caller: OK, The lower resolution should work fine. The weight being similar makes sense since both LCD Panels are 6U and don’t require touchscreen.

Response: okay. I will confirm the added weight if you need to add touchscreen to your solution but I believe that you're on the right track as far as the lowest weight monitor that we have. The RMP-161-F17 is in stock and available.

Caller: okay, and the quantity we are looking for is probably around three or four right now. maybe more in the future.

Response: okay, like I said, we have them in stock. Thanks again for your call.