Caller: Hi, I have a quick question. I’ve purchased these before, and what I’m looking at is your 19 inch rugged IP65 LCD aluminum frame LCD panel. The product number is LCD - NEMA4IP65-AP19. I need one with resisted touch screen. I found one on your website, so my question is as far as getting the speaker, do those by default not come with a speaker?

Response: The speakers are integrated into the panel. However, you need to add the audio option in the drop down menu on the website to add the 3.5mm audio port. So, the actual part number is LCD - NEMA4IP65-AP19-AU – the “AU” indicates you have added audio to the rackmount Monitor Panel congifuration.

Caller: I will be ordering three of the 19” LCD screens, but I need the speakers in it, so I will add the AU suffix from the drop down menu in the online configurator.

Response: Yes, it is an option on the drop-down menu it’s the -AU suffix. You can also add the touchscreen option on the same menu. Do you need touchscreen on all three of the monitors? And will you be needing the audio option on all of them?

Caller: Yes. It says audio plus remote controller, but then the next sign says with speaker plus BNC and S-Video, but then it says audio on the next one and they’re the same price?

Response: Yes, I you can just get the audio separate if you just wanted to stick with the standard video input and then add the 3.5mm audio. The other option which includes BNC & S-Video costs a little more.

Caller: I only require VGA or DVI Video Input, so the AU options should work fine.

Response: So the option of only adding audio is going to be a better option for your project. The very first audio option states Industrial LCD Audio and it allows you to select integrated speakers.

Caller: OK, that sounds great. I also have another question. Do you guys have a temporary monitor stand that these can sit in? Just a desktop type stand to temporarily house the LCD Panels.

Response: I am sorry, we do not carry desk top type products but let me look, and I can probably send you a link for some options. It’s just a 100 by 100 vesa hole pattern so there should be some good options for you. I will do some research and get back to you.

Caller: OK so, back to the LCD Panels. These are NEMA4 IP65 rated correct? We need to make sure they will be protected as there is some moisture exposure in the warehouse where these will be mounted.

Response: Yes the front bezel is NEMA4 IP65. The entire unit is not IP65 rated as there are vents in the back with standard connectors for Power, VGA and DVI Input. If you need the entire unit to be protected from water, we have another solution that included IP68 connectors and the back casing is solid.