Caller – I am looking for an HD Monitor that only takes up 1U of space. I was looking at your 1920 X 1200 1U LCD Drawer. Is that unit in stock? We need to get something fairly quickly.

Response – The RM-111-X17 is not in stock. Can you accept a 1U 1920 X 1080 version with DVI input? If so, we can modify your order from the 1920 X 1200 version to the 1920 X 1080 version and ship it out with next day overnight delivery.

Caller – Did the order that was placed include touchpad or trackball? We prefer the trackball option. What is the warranty on this unit?

Response – The warranty is 2 years on parts and labor. The cool thing is, if the trackball were to fail 5 years from now, it can easily be replaced in the field. The keyboard and mouse components are designed to be modular and easily replaced.

Caller - We also need dual input with VGA & DVI cables. Can you include both cables with the order? Some or our guys are familiar with your products as they had used them in Iraq with our integrated system. So, if you can ship the rackmount monitor overnight with the VGA and DVI cables, we will be good to go.

Response – The RM-F117 is in stock and we can include both the VGA / USB cable along with VGA / DVI cable for your application.

Caller – What is the power input on these monitors? We are going to install this unit in a 240/208V Military environment.

Response – the power range is 100V to 240V so it will work fine in your data center. The monitor has internal power so we can ship with an IEC C13/C14 type plug to match up with your vertical PDU’s in your server racks.

Caller – Speaking of server racks, we have some APC racks that have been seismically modified. Our brilliant engineering team decided the rails should be welded in place to meet Zone 4 requirements. There is no adjustability to the rails. One of our requirements is the monitor must mount to all four posts to be compliant with our environment. Do you have some longer mounting brackets to make sure we will be compliant with the installation? The mounting depth on the rails is deeper than most racks. The front rail to rear rail depth is 30.5”. Can you the RM-F117 accommodate this depth? The funny part is, we have a guy who inspects the server racks to make sure they are earthquake proof, even though we are not in an earthquake zone.

Response – Yes, we can include a 20” rear adjustable mounting bracket that will mount to a 30.5” deep rail system. I believe the adjustable range is 21” to 34” Depth. That way you have the flexibility to secure the monitor to the back post on the rack which sound like the rails are deeper than the standard server depth for mounting.

Caller – One more question – do you make a 208V to 120V rack mounted step down transformer that are for very small, light loads? The issue is we have some small security devices that require 110V input. The standard power is 208V 60Amp into the rack. It would be nice if we had a 1U or 2U rack mount transformer that would work in our power environment. One example is we have an environmental monitor that we put in each one of our racks. We also have intrusion detection on each rack that sends notification when someone accesses the front or rear door. If you understand power factor and power efficiency, we set up our data center with 3 Phase power to be more efficient. All the big data centers have switched to this power structure as a standard including Equifax, Google, Amazon, as 208V 3 Phase, 60Amp provides better efficiency. But typically, PDU manufacturers do not include a 120V step down on the PDU to accommodate 110V devices.

Response – Ok, so you are looking for a 1U or 2U PDU that has a built in step down transformer and includes both C13 and NEMA receptacles to power the environmental and security devices in the rack.

Caller – We also have one more need that I cant find anywhere. We are looking for a rack mount security drawer that meets GSA lock standards for security. The drawer would be used to store secure devices inside the rack. If you have something like that, we would be interested in looking at it.

Response – We do a lot of custom work so we would be interested in learning more about your application to see if we can build a custom drawer that would meet your requirements. I will speak with our engineering team and reply with an initial design proposal or might also come back with additional questions.