Caller - I am looking for a 1U LCD Drawer with 1920 X 1080 or 1920 X 1200 resolution. Do you have a monitor that will decode the HDMI Audio?

Response – Yes, you can add HDMI w/speakers as an option in the drop down menu on the following products – RM-F117, RM-F17USD, and RM-111-X17

Caller – Do you need HDCP with HDMI? No, our transmitter that supports audio that do RDP sessions into up to 64 computers, we have these devices, the RDP sessions have 2 channels of audio embedded into the RDP session, and our HDMI or Display Port receivers break that out to Analog so it can have a 3.5 unbalanced audio jack or the audio is carried on the HDMI signal, so its not really going to be an HDCP situation.

Response – We can add the HDMI w/speaker option as well as add the 3.5mm Audio to the 1U chassis.

Caller – What is the part# I would need to order with the above options? We will need the keyboard with either HDMI or Display Port input.

Response – The RM-111-X17 includes VGA, DVI, and HDMI. If you prefer Display Port input, you will need the 1U 4K rackmount monitor. I will forward a quote with part# RM-111-X17 which includes VGA, DVI, and HDMI w/speaker as the standard configuration, along with the keyboard and touchpad mouse built in. This unit supports native resolution of 1920 X 1200.

Caller – We are a government integrator and have a request from one of our customers for quantity 7, RM-131-17-801. I would like to know availability and would like to get a reseller quote if you offer a discount. Do you sell through any other distributors? Or would we be buying direct from you? We will also have a future requirement for a 17” Rackmount LCD Panel.

Response – We will provide a quote for you to buy direct from Crystal Image Technologies. I will send you a formal quote including a discount for quantity seven units. I will also follow up with availability and lead time. When you place your order, either email the PO or feel free to call so we apply your discount to the order.

Caller – Do I need to order additional hardware? Or do the cables and all mounting hardware come with the KVM drawer?

Response – The RM-131-17-801 includes all mounting hardware. You will also receive 8, 6’ USB/VGA KVM Cables – no additional hardware or components are needed. If you need longer cables, they are available in 10’ and 15’ lengths. If you require more flexibility and need longer lengths to your servers, then I would suggest looking at the Cat5 KVM switches. You can then custom build the length you need to connect to your target devices.